Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Denver invitational rodeo

Tommy and I were invited to the 1st Colorado vs World Invitational rodeo. Denver invited 20 contestants in each event, bareback, saddle bronc, steer wrestling, barrel racing and bull riding. They puked winners of various rodeos along with some wild cards and gave us the chance to run for a total of $100,000! The Colorado and world teams each would advance 4 contestants to the finals, then the top person from each team would face off to win $10,000.

Our 1st run was pretty good but I had a stall on the back side of 1st,, tommys signature mistake,,, lots of horses spooked at a pile of shavings in the kindle of the arena left by whiplash, the dog riding monkey, and his herd of sheep,,, gotta love rodeo lol. We won 3rd and made it to the finals.

Tommy really made a good run in the finals, I was 2nd, but since the girl who won was on my team, I didn't get to run fornthe $10,000. It was a really fun event, very exciting!!

It was fun to have my family there with me, I think the boys had a good time :)

Decided since I only got 2 runs in Denver I would hitch a ride to Odessa and try my luck there one more time :)

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  1. Sorry about the stall on the first.....but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Whiplash! He is my all time favorite act. I wish I had my very own Whiplash. :)