Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First runs of 2012

After over 2 monthsboff from competition, I loaded Tommy and my 2 year old filly, Greeley up and headed to utah for some amateur rodeos. Just felt like I really needed to get back in synch with Tommy before the invitational at Denver. It was interesting going back to really small rodeos after all the amazing events we've had the privilege of competing in. It was interesting to me that I had just as much fun at as I do at some of the big rodeos,,, at the end ofnthe day,, it's all about getting to run Tommy around the barrels.

It was also funny that at both rodeos they got my name wrong so I felt like I was flyinhbunder the radar,,, kinda cool!

The first run I'm not sure Tommy really thought he was getting to run. He worked good but didn't fire too hard. The 2nd run he was ready,,, set really hard for 1st and dash boarded me,,, lucky I didn't do a lawn dart lol!

Nothing to eventful except the look on the waitresses face when one of my buddies ordered a vegetarian omelet with ham and cheese, lol

Bonus for the weekend,, ended up winning $ on both runs :)

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