Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rodeo 101 lesson of the day

One thing I've learned about the rodeo road is if my horse isn't trying to teach me something, the universe is,,,, so I'll be posting some of my lessons on here in an effort to help others not have to learn so much the hard way :)

Turns out a semi will actually start when it's cold out, as long as you have it in neutral and not drive,,,, I'm positive the person that installed this feature did so with barrel racers in mind :)

When hailing to or from texas along I 25 through Raton,, make sure you have a coffins health and brand card on all your horses. Spent some quality time with the new Mexico department of ag today,,, luckily we had everything covered.

And lastly,,, if your gonna hang in the sleeper in Jill's semi,, be prepared to share the bed w 3 big dogs,,, incidentally,,, a gas mask would not be a bad addition to the list of must haves on the rodeo road, lol

Peace out till we learn something new :)


  1. Another straggler finding my way over from BECG's blog... hahaha. I will be stopping by as well from time to time. As time allows of course, since I am heading into show season in my adventures with the sport of driving.

  2. The guys at Raton saved my butt one time when a driver hauling one of our rigs to TX left his book with blank, signed checks in it in the bathroom. They called me at the office, wrote Void on the checks and mailed them back to me.

    Dog farts...gag! LOL

  3. Oh, keep the lessons coming. I'm revising a young teen romance and it is set in the rodeo scene ( which I was a small part of WWAAAYYY back) These are great!

  4. I guess there's good and bad things about officials. Generally, I'd rather not deal with them.

    You got a Three Dog Night, Gas masks- lol.

    PS- I think there's a typo- it's Coggins, not Coffins.