Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Odessa part 2

Odessa wasn't any better for us this year than its been in the past :( felt like I had to give it one more shot though. Paige Conrado a rookie from colorado is currently winning the average with about 48 girls left to run
On a positive note,, there are still some kids out there being raised right,,, this young kid sitting a couple tables over from us at dinner last night bought Britany dinner just because his mom taught him it's the right thing to do,,, not gonna lie, the rest of us were jealous!
So now we are headed back to Denver, Jill is up there tomorrow night but there's a nasty storm in Colorado right now do we are calling around asking about places we might lay over tonight. The storm should be through by tomorrow. This is the part of this life where as my husband Bob always quotes his dad "life isn't fair, learn to adjust" lol. We do a lot of that out here :) The wind has been blowing like a banchee, all day but at least that gives us some tumbleweeds to look at,, not much else in west texas lol.
Looking forward to my shot at Denver a week from tomorrow :)


  1. Hi I'm Chelsi, a friend of BECG. Just stopped in to say hi and let you know look forward to keeping up on your blog! I've always dreamed of barrel racing but I dont have the 'need for speed' :)

  2. Hopped on over here from Brown Eyed Cowgirls blog.
    I must say I love the header on this blog! Weird and retro and very cool!
    I also like the vernacular- girl, you are authentic and it shows. I'll ride on by again! C'mon over and visit me at California Cowgirl. Lets be pals!

  3. Denver's going to be yours Sam!! Get it!